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Uncontrolled fire causes destruction of buildings and contents, business failure, community loss and serious harm to people.

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fire hazard means the danger of potential harm and degree of exposure arising from -

(a)  the start and spread of fire; and

(b)  the smoke and gases that are generated by the start and spread of fire

Building Act 2004, Part 1 Section 7


The minimum requirements for fire safety in New Zealand are established through the Building Act.  Understanding jurisdictional requirements and cited Regulations and Standards is certainly not a trivial exercise, particularly when the varied needs of stakeholders are taken into account.  You may be faced with a daunting  myriad of fire safety design options without an understanding of how these will perform in the event of a real fire to protect your people, property and business.  Further, the minimum legal requirements  may not actually provide you with the fire protection that you desire.

While FireNZE is based in New Zealand, a significant proportion of our work is based off-shore including Europe, the UAE, Japan, China, Australia, the Philippines, and island nations in the Pacific. We have an excellent understanding of many fire codes and can readily assimilate your specific requirements while providing truly independent advice, design, inspection and commissioning through to jurisdictional approval.

FireNZE works with you to understand your needs and develop practical and economical fire solutions.  With an understanding of risk and hazard you can make informed decisions and take ownership of your fire safety systems.

The first question we will ask is how can we help you?

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Updated 23 April 2023


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